The activity of production and marketing of chromium plating bars and tubes is present Brugherio (MB) Italy since the 70s, when the C.P.I. Spa leading Company which introduce innovative work cycles by means of a several International patented equipment and engineering techniques.

In 1998 Galtec Srl a Company controlled by Elg Steel Spa took over the entire business focusing production and investments on Plants for a long and big sizes. From Ø 5 mm. up to Ø 500 mm.

In 2015 due to a Corporate reorganization Elg Chromium Plating Srl, in abbreviation ECP, is born, which continues the path previously traced for a technological innovation in the Hard Chromium Plating field. Particularly Elg Chromium Plating Srl looks to products characterized by large dimensions and extreme length using their world unique Chromium Plating Equipment. We also take into account the market of “Work account” or transformation.