The long history of the Elg Chromium Plating Srl was characterized by the presence of its own internal Technical department able to design and develop a complete chrome plating equipment with all accessory machines:

  • Original and unique continuous chrome system, single and multi-axis for all diameter sizes, up to Ø 500 mm. length over 20 meters.
  • Special Grinding machine for big sizes as Ø 500 mm. length 20 meters.
  • Phosphating plant.
  • De-chromium plant.

The continuous chrome plating technology, the first in the world has been the subject of multiple International patents, was born in our factories in Brugherio, and allows us to obtain:

  • Better energy efficiency.
  • Better product quality.
  • Constancy of the chrome layer.
  • Lower production costs, with ease of automation of the equipment.
  • Complete environmental safety.
  • Ability to deal with large diameters and indefinite lengths.
  • Low cost of management and maintenance.
  • In the field of environmental safety, our plants are characterized by using low volumes of electrolyte and consequently reduced air suction volumes, the washing water is reused for level compensation. Atmospheric emissions are insignificant and well below legal limits, CrO3 <0.05 mg / Nm3 – H2So4 <0.1 mg / Nm3.