Chrome plated Steel bars C45 Technical Properties.

  • Diameter Tolerance Standard is ISO-f7. We can provide special tolerance at premium price.
  • Residual Magnetism Standard is Max. 50 Gauss.
  • Roundness – max ½ from the diameter tolerance (½ tol.f7).
  • Surface Roughness is Ra = max 0.20 µm.
  • Surface Hardness – Chrome Layer hardness is 800-1000 HV0,1.
  • Straightness is max 0,3 [mm]/1000 [mm] .
  • Chrome Layer thickness for ∅≤19.05 [mm] is min. 15[µm] and for ∅>20[mm] is minimum 20[µm].
  • dards. The results of these tests are giving the rating of our products.

Chrome plated steel bars C45 corrosion resistance.

  • Standard Corrosion Resistance for Φ<20 is R9/120h and for Φ≥20 is R9/200h according to NSS tests.
  • We can provide higher layer or double chrome layer at premium price.

Corrosion Test standards table.

Steel grade correspondents table.

Chemical Composition table C45 according to EN 10083-2 : 2006.

Mechanical Properties table C45 according to EN 10083-2 : 2006.

Standard packaging is made with plastic sleeves or cardboard tubes (depending on the product’s diameter).

As an Extra protection with additional cost we can provide also wooden boxes.