Chrome plated Steel bars 20MnV6 Technical Properties.

  • Diameter Tolerance Standard is ISO-f7. We can provide special tolerance at premium price.
  • Residual Magnetism Standard is Max. 50 Gauss.
  • Roundness – max ½ from the diameter tolerance (½ tol.f7).
  • Surface Roughness is Ra = max 0.20 µm.
  • Surface Hardness – Chrome Layer hardness is 800-1000 HV0,1.
  • Straightness is max 0,3 [mm]/1000 [mm] .
  • Chrome Layer thickness for ∅≤19.05 [mm] is min. 15[µm] and for ∅>20[mm] is minimum 20[µm].

Chrome plated steel bars 20MnV6 corrosion resistance.

  • Standard Corrosion Resistance for Φ<20 is R9/120h and for Φ≥20 is R9/200h according to NSS tests.
  • We can provide higher layer or double chrome layer at premium price.

Corrosion Test standards table

Steel grade correspondents table

Chemical Composition table

Mechanical Properties table

Standard packaging is made with plastic sleeves or cardboard tubes (depending on the product’s diameter).

As an Extra protection with additional cost we can provide also wooden boxes.